It’s reaaaally hard to explain, but it’s like something that tastes really odd, but sweet and yummy at the same time!


New icon for Josh~ (◡‿◡✿)



Pretty early birthday art for Misha-chan~ uwu


Yoooo it’s my new art blog yeah please follow for more *:・゚✧~kawaii art~・゚:*


So basically this means that my main, pinkamipie, will be an actual personal blog and that pinkamiart will just be an art archive blog and will be inactive ;w;

But anyways yeah, follow me there for anything that I actually do that might be interesting uvu

Really important post regarding this blog!

Christmas commission for Wubzy uwu

y Thanksgiving commission for Wubzy uvu

Thanksgiving commission for Wubzy uvu

Halloween commission for Wubzy owo

Lulu more like the actual best